Commission-Based Recruitment Back-up

Staffing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Healthcare Staffing alone is already worth $15 Billion. You definitely want a big piece of that enormous pie so you worked hard to get those big contracts, but you are overwhelmed with the amount of requisitions that you are receiving. You do not have enough recruiters to handle all of them.

Registry Ally will provide purely Commission-Based Recruitment for you. No recruiter salary to think of. We will source then present you suitable candidates with already prepared initial profile. All you would have to do is submit to your clients. Commission will be based on your Gross Profit Margin. If our candidates do not work, then you do not have to pay us.

We provide candidates for all types of assignments:
Permanent Placements
Contracts or Travel Assignments
Master Booking Assignments (including Per Diem Assignments with Advanced Confirmation)
Per Diem Assignments (Assignments Confirmed on a Daily Basis Only)

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